A little Bit of History

Some time ago, the rolling slopes below the then horse stables was land barren of the lush, fruit-laden vines that exist here today.

In 1991, friends and business partners Steve Jennings and Kay Bloom invested in the abandoned stable and eighty acres of rich, Kansas soil. The men had a vision of what was to become known as Smoky Hill Vineyards and Winery. The men believed they could capture a bit of the past and cultivate a dream for the future.


Prior to Prohibition, Kansas was one of the top grape producing states in the Nation. As the first state to write into its Constitution a prohibition on alcohol, Kansas growers were forced to abandon or destroy their vineyards. Tales of Kansasí hatchet-yielding Carrie Nation may leave the impression some 100+ years later, that Kansas lacks the culture typically associated with the production of fine wine, but we invite you to discover that the only legacy of those days exists only in rigorous legislation governing the production, marketing and sales of Kansas wine.
In true pioneer spirit, Steve Jennings and Kay Bloom hand-planted about an acre of vines in 1991. There were just four other wineries in Kansas at the time. Their initial goal was to keep it a small, retirement project and produce a few hundred gallons of wine each year. The first Smoky Hill Wine was sold in 1995. 

In 1999, the first outlet store, Smoky Hill Winery Tasting Room was opened in Wilson, Kansas along Interstate I-70W. In 2000, a second outlet was opened in Wichita, and in 2002, Under The Cork was re-located to the New Market Square in West Wichita, at 21st and Maize Roads.
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