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Dry Red Wines


This varietal wine comes from the Norton or Cynthiana grape, the oldest North American varietal. The Norton has a distinct nose that includes: boysenberry, black cherry and plum. And a great flavor that carries hints of oak and vivid berry and plum.

Wine Flavors: soft rounded tannins, juicy plum and black cherry
Body: full bodied
Food Pairing: bold beef dishes
Winemakers Recipe Featuring 2006 Norton

This varietal wine has a rich floral, berry and currant not that greets the palate with vivid flavors of berries and peppers. The Noiret is produced using 100% Kansas grapes, 100% new oak & 100% American oak. The barrels are topped off weekly and racked quarterly.
Wine Flavors: berries and peppers
Body: full bodied
Food Pairing: beef
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Pasta Vino  

Pasta Vino is an off dry, Chianti style red wine with a complex nose and soft tannins. Aromas and flavors include: berries, tea, mild tobacco, anise and black cherry.
Wine Flavors: Berries, anise, tea, and black cherry
Body: Medium bodied with soft tannins and forward fruit
Food Pairing: Italian, spicy Asian and Mediterranean cuisine
Winemakers Recipe Featuring Spaghetti Red
Heartland Red 

A soft, dry red wine produce in a Burgundy style. Discover the distinct nose and gentle tannins with a great fruit finish.
Wine Flavors: Plum, black cherry, pepper
Body: Medium-to-full bodied, broad soft tannins, medium oak and peppery finish
Food Pairing: Your favorite beef, pork or veal dishes
Winemakers Recipe Featuring Heartland Red
Cabernet Sauvignon  

This dry red wine features the robust flavors of black cherry, raspberry, pepper and toasted oak. This Cabernet also has rich tannins and a long smooth finish.
Wine Flavors: Black cherry, black berry, hazelnut, tobacco
Body: Medium-to-full bodied with firm tannins
Food Pairing: Grilled red meats, creamy cheeses and dark chocolate
Winemakers Recipe Featuring Cabernet Sauvignon

Barrel aged to give this earthy, dry red wine complexity with soft and delicate flavors. the tannins show the character of this medium bodied red wine.
Wine Flavors: Raspberry, plum, cocoa, black cherry
Body: Medium-to-heavy bodied medium tannins
Food Pairing: Grilled steaks and hamburgers, bold fish or veal
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Semi-Dry Red Wines

Simply Red    AWARD WINNER!

A semi-dry red wine. With an abundance of fruit flavors and soft, subtle tannins. This red wine can be enjoyed at room temperature or even chilled.
Wine Flavors: Boysenberry, anise, lemon pepper, black cherry
Body: Light-to-medium bodied with soft tannins
Food Pairing: Grilled steaks and hamburgers, or pork dishes
Winemakers Recipe Featuring Simply Red

Sweet Red Wines

River Valley Red

River Valley Red is produced from the Concord grape. This wine has a sweet, tangy grape flavor. River Valley Red, is best served chilled.
Wine Flavors: Plum, Concord grape
Body: Light-to-medium bodied with minimal tannins
Food Pairing: Hamburgers and bratwursts, light cheese and fresh fruits
Winemakers Recipe Featuring River Valley Red
Czech Red    

Czech Re, produced as a European style blend and finishes sweet. The nose includes subtle scents of cherries, almonds and honey. Czech Red has easy flavors that include: maraschino cherries and honey with minimal tannins.
Wine Flavors: maraschino cherries, almond, honey
Body: Light-to-medium bodied with minimal tannins
Food Pairing: Hamburger, chocolate covered berries, red meat stir fry
Winemakers Recipe Featuring Czech Red
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