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Wine Tasting

We welcome wine tastings and tours at our facility.  Please call ahead to RSVP with groups of  8 or more people.


We self distribute statewide using our own sales staff & delivery vehicles covering all areas of Kansas.  If you have a current KS alcohol license and would like to carry our products, please call.  Vinoshipper handles all of our out of state shipping – check to see which states are eligible.

We strive to bring our love of wine into the homes of our fellow Kansans.  
We take pride in our product and dedicate ourselves to provide exceptional quality to our patrons.

Grape Production

Many of our grapes are harvested from our own vineyards.

Wine Production

All of our wines are produced in-house at our facility.

Special Events

We participate in many special events throughout each year. We are always looking for new events to attend.

our services

Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery offers a variety of wines in our tasting room.  Contact your local Kansas liquor store to request they carry your favorite Smoky Hill wines.