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Wine Tasting

We welcome wine tastings and tours at our facility.  Please call ahead to RSVP with groups of  8 or more people.


We self distribute statewide using our own sales staff & delivery vehicles covering all areas of Kansas.  If you have a current KS alcohol license and would like to carry our products, please call.  Vinoshipper handles all of our out of state shipping – check to see which states are eligible.

Grape Production

Many of our grapes are harvested from our own vineyards.

Wine Production

All of our wines are produced in-house at our facility.

Special Events

We participate in many special events throughout each year. We are always looking for new events to attend.

Smoky Hill Vineyards & Winery offers a variety of wines in our tasting room.  Contact your local Kansas liquor store to request they carry your favorite Smoky Hill wines.