Vineyards and Winery- Salina,KS


Sweet Lady is one of the top selling sweet white wines expertly and locally crafted at the new Smoky
Hill Vineyards & Winery. Known for its light body, slight floral nose and the bold flavored characteristics of
the Catawba grape. Best served well chilled. Pairs well with fresh fruit, citrus, shrimp, desserts and quiche.

Happy Birthday Wine is a sweet white American table wine. It is a blend of several grapes that is light bodied and tastes great. Makes the perfect gift for anyone with a birthday! Best served well chilled. 

Premium Auslese is a German style wine that was first perfected by the founder of Smoky Hill,
whose wife’s roots can be traced back to Treir, Germany. “Premium Auslese” means late harvest, pronounced
“ows-lay-sa”. Produced from Kansas-grown grapes, this late harvest semi-sweet white wine can be enjoyed
year round with your favorite grilled pork, chicken or barbeque dishes. Best served well chilled.

Czech Style White is a long-time popular wine from Smoky Hill Vineyards is crafted from a blend of
several grapes. “Czechoslovakian Style” means it is a sweet wine created to yield an abundance of fruit flavor.
This light-bodied and sweet wine is great with hamburgers fresh off the grill, soft cheese and melon. Enjoy it
served chilled to bring out the full fruitiness of the wine.

Christmas Wine is a seasonal semi-sweet white wine that is crafted from a proprietary blend of grapes in a crisp, fruity style.  Our Christmas Wine is vented to honor the traditions of the season.  Meant to be enjoyed by anyone ages 21-100. Pairs well with any holiday meal and makes a great gift ​(label design changes every year)!

Vidal Blanc (Frost & Blue) is crafted particularly as a great transition wine. The natural fruit flavors appeal to those who enjoy sweet wines, but is dry enough to appeal to lovers of Riesling and Chardonnay. This wine has a floral
aroma followed by a crisp, fruity palate and long finish making it a perfect complement to any summer fare.
Best served well chilled.

Traminette is a balanced dry wine with soft acidity and a light body. The vivid honeysuckle and gentle floral nose complement the unique play of various tree fruits. The characteristics of Traminette make it a cornerstone varietal of our region.

Rose' / Blush:

Pink Catawba is a semi-sweet blush wine with a light floral and citrus nose. Bursts with bold grapefruit
and melon flavors. Goes well with barbeque, grilled pork and Cajun dishes. Best served well chilled.



Red Raspberry is an impeccable red dessert wine crafted by the new family of artisans at Smoky Hill
Vineyards & Winery – among the first wines created by the founder in the mid 90’s. This light bodied ruby
colored wine is sweet, but loaded with the natural zing of raspberries. Best served well chilled, this versatile
wine can be enjoyed by the glass or for cooking special sauces.

Simply ​Peach is just what the name suggests ! This wonderfully light, semi sweet, fruity wine is perfect to drink chilled on a hot summer day.

Restless Summer is a sweet blend of strawberry and rhubarb that is sure to leave you dreaming of summer in 

the Smoky Hills of Kansas. Best served well chilled.

Midnight Meadows (NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF KANSAS) is the newest wine to grace the list! A sweet, Blackberry Norton wine with a full body! 



River Valley Red is a rich, sweet red wine, native concord at its best. Medium bodied with a bright,
ruby red color, it has the unmistakable nose of concord grapes. Produced in the river valley of central Kansas,
enjoy this all-American wine chilled with all-American fare. Pairs well with hamburgers, brats, light cheese
and fresh fruits. Best served well chilled.

Dalahastvin ( 2019 Limited Edition) is a sweet, yet complex red blend. Best served well chilled. Dalahastvin was specifically made in honor of the Lindsborg,KS Sesquicentennial (150th) Celebration.  

Czech Style Red is crafted from a blend of several grapes. “Czechoslovakian Style” means it is a
sweet wine to yield an abundance of flavor. The light-bodied and sweet taste make this wine a perfect pairing
with hamburgers straight off the grill! Served at room temperature or chilled to bring out the full fruitiness of
the wine.

Heartland Red Velvet is a dry wine to enjoy the medium body and tannins, nose of raspberry, cherry, and soft oak, this wine is composed of a blend of red grapes. This wine has been aged in 100% American oak. This is one of our best tasting table wines and is great with Italian dishes as well as red meats. 

Norton is a prominent midwestern grape dating back to before prohibition. A full bodied dry red wine with a distinct nose and palate of dark berries that is supported by a firm yet pleasant tannin structure that is created by using American oak. 

Noiret is a refreshing medium bodied, dry, red wine, with soft tannins, gentle berry fruits, and a light pepper
finish. This wine was produced using minimal filtering and fining, pumped over daily, topped regularly and
aged in 100% American Oak.

AirPORT -Aviator's Reserve. This Port style wine is a vividly fruity dessert wine with hints of nots, oak, chocolate and berries. It would be a great compliment to your next dessert! 16.8% alcohol.